Accounting Outsourcing

If you are or have registered a business in Thailand and wish to outsource your accounting then call us for a free consultation and let us assist you in finding your best possible accounting solutions. Being part of the G.A.M Group we provide both accounting and legal services to both Thai and foreign companies. We offer a range of services and these have been listed on this website. You have a choice as to the level and complexity of the service you wish to have.

If you are a foreigner we can assist you not only with your company registration but also with your work permit application. We can also assist you if you are considering a BOI (Board of Investment) company in Thailand. There are a number of options. Accounting can be done in English for you to understand and do all the needed translations into Thai for the Revenue Department. The following is what we can offer you and your company.


Accounting Outsourcing
Accounting Outsourcing
Personal income tax
- Payroll management
- Income tax payments
VAT Registration
- Register the company for VAT
- Ensure VAT payments are met
- Application for licensing for restaurant and food and beverage sales
Accounting Reports
- Ensure the accounting meets Thai accounting standards
- Ensure reports are submitted on time to the government

Note that to register your company for VAT and ensure the accounting meets Thai accounting standards is very important. Food licensing as well as entertainment licensing can also be completed on an annual bases. Call us today for more information and assistance either at our Bangkok office of Phuket offices for more information and assistance. Being part of a large group of companies our expertise and knowledge is far greater than just an accounting firm.