Thai Business Registration

With its prime location in Asia many foreigners who come to Asia and many expats in the know, have already started new businesses in and around Thailand to take full advantage of the many new growing options that the region has to offer. If you are going to register a business in Thailand then there are a number of options available which has been listed below. Speak to us for advice and guidance with regard to your business ideas in Thailand.

Business RegistrationWhat should you consider?

 1. Which company setup is easier and faster to do?

 2. How much liability do you want from the business – limited or unlimited?

 3. What type of business are going to conduct and which format would suit it?

 4. Do you need credibility in the company format such as an Ltd company?

These are the options from the most common formats to the more complicated company or business registration that can be done. The Treaty of Amity companies are also listed as an option for American nationals or corporates.

Limited Company with Limited Liability

This is the most common company and business registration in Thailand. This company can be registered in a day in Thailand as the government has made it much easier to register Thai companies in Thailand. This company carries the least liability and only needs 3 shareholders. This type of company also needs the least paid capital to start.

Limited Partnership with unlimited liability

This only needs two shareholders however on of them has to be the Managing Director of the partnership. This is mainly for small household businesses as the partners share unlimited liability in this partnership.

NGO & Foundations

This is more complex to register and it needs to have at least 3 founders. This type of registration can take up to 12 months to complete depending on what the foundation will be doing.  There are usually other government departments which get involved so speak to an accountant or lawyer in Thailand about this type of registration

Representative Office

If you want to open a representative office in Thailand as a foreign company this would be your option. What you do however is limited by this type of registration. It takes about 3 months to complete.

Treaty of Amity Company Registration

Speak to a lawyer about this type of company registration as the WTO rules do not allow for this type of company. Thailand however still allows Treaty of Amity companies. You need to take legal advice on this type of registration as an American in Thailand.