Food License in ThailandThere are two types of Food Licenses in Thailand depending on your business. The first is a license which you need in order to manufacture food in Thailand which is controlled by the FDA in Thailand and it is a very complicated process. The second Food License is one which you must have as a restaurant in order to sell food retail.

Once you have registered a company in Thailand you would need to obtain the needed licenses and a work permit. Obtaining a work permit to sell food in Thailand as a foreigner is very difficult to obtain but not impossible.


If you are going to import food into Thailand then you will need a license for this process as well. The following certificates need to be applied for when wanting to manufacture or import food into Thailand.

Food Licenses in Thailand
- Manufacturing License – Your plans need to be submitted for approval
- Importation License – Bringing in food and ingredients into Thailand you will also need this
- Product Registration – You product needs to be registered
- Labelling Approval – Your food labels need to be approved
- Advertising Approval – Your adverts need to be approved

The process is complicated and takes time to have all the certification done. You also need to have the following certificates for the process to be completed. Speak to an accountant or a lawyer in Thailand about the process.

Certification Needed
- Certification of Free-sale
- Sanitary Certification
- GMP Certification
- HACCP Certification

If you are interested in selling food in Thailand or setting up a business which is food related then you can contact us about the process as our group also offers a legal service call GAM Legal Alliance which can assist you with the process.

Selling: (Restaurant)

This is a much easier process and does not take as long or cost as much. You will need to have the needed documents such as the company registration documents as well as evidence of the restaurant address and copies of the house registration papers for the restaurant. You can speak to a lawyer or accountant in Thailand as it is not a very complicated process. If you are an expat you could also obtain a work permit if you meet the requirements. Most restaurants also apply for a liquor license in order to sell beer and other spirits.

With offices in Phuket and Bangkok you can all us or walk into any of our offices for advice on doing businesses in Thailand. This could be accounting, bookkeeping, auditing or applying for licences for your business in the Kingdom. Speak to us today about your business needs.