Thailand Liquor License

If you have started a business in Thailand and registered a Thai company then you can apply for a liquor license for your business or restaurant. You will need a food license in order to sell food in Thailand however most people register for both as the same time if they are starting a small restaurant.

The liquor license in Thailand is a permit which will allow you or your business to legally sell alcohol in Thailand. The normal businesses which require a liquor license tends to be bars and restaurants. If you are going to import or be a wholesaler you would also be required to have the license. If you are going to run a bar you may also need to look at obtaining an entertainment license for the business. A Thai lawyer or accountant in Thailand can obtain this for you.

The Alcohol License and the Cigarette License in Thailand is not very expensive compared to Entertainment License which does cost a much more. The liquor licenses all expire at the end of each year being on December 31. They must be renewed annually. Most businesses in Thailand allow their accountant or book keeper to do this for the m each year when they do their financial statements once a year.

The applications for Liquor Licenses in Thailand are all filed with the District Office for the area where the restaurant or bar is located. If you have a registered business then the license must be in the name of the holder of the business. They would require a copy of the business registration.

The following documents are normally needed:
The following documents are normally needed:
-- The company’s registration documents,
-- Provide evidence of the restaurants business address,
-- Copies of the house registration papers for the restaurant/bar owner or
-- A letter for authorization of the premises lessor or
-- A copy of the rental or lease agreement,
-- Copy of the identify documents of license holder

They may require a deposit for the application process to start. You will not obtain a liquor license if the bar is close to schools or religious areas. Speak to us today about starting a bar or restaurant in Thailand and allow us to assist you with your company registration, licenses as well as your annual financial statements. Our accounting firm also has a law firm in the group GAM Legal Alliance which can also assist you with a work permit and other visa related issues.