Thailand VAT RegistrationValue Added Tax (VAT) was implemented in Thailand in 1992 to replace Business Tax. VAT is an indirect tax imposed on the value added of each stage of production and distribution.

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VAT Registration
Before start of the business or within 15 days after the business reaches the income threshold, any person or entity who is liable to VAT in Thailand must register to be VAT registered person or entity (Form VAT 01).
The registration application must be submitted to Area Revenue Offices if the business is situated in Bangkok or to the Area Revenue Branch Offices if it is situated elsewhere.
Should taxpayer have several branches, registration application must be submitted to the Revenue Office where the Head Office is situated.

Tax Return and Payment

VAT taxable period is a calendar month. VAT return therefore must be filed on a monthly basis. VAT return (Form VAT 30) together with tax payment, if any, must be submitted to Area Revenue Branch Office within 15 days of the following month. If taxpayer has more than one place of business, each place of business must file the return and make a payment separately unless there is an approval from the Director-General of the Revenue Department. Services utilized in Thailand supplied by service providers in other countries are also subject to VAT in Thailand. In such a case, service recipient in Thailand is obliged to file VAT return (Form VAT 36) and pay tax, if any, on behalf of the service providers.

In the case where supply of goods or services is also subject to Excise tax, VAT return and tax payment, if any, must be submitted to the Excise Department together with Excise tax return and tax payment within 15 days of the following month. In case of imported goods, VAT return and tax payment must be submitted to the Customs Department at the point of import.

*Reference: Thailand Revenue Department (

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Social Security Fund Payments
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Payroll Services
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